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Did you happen to see the story about Zoey, the little 10 month old Chihuahua that saved young Booker from a rattlesnake bite? Last July, 1 year old Booker was playing in his grandparents’ backyard near Loveland, Colorado when Zoey got between Booker and a rattlesnake, protecting the boy and taking a bite to the head. The story said her head swelled up to the size of a grapefruit but happily Zoey is reportedly just fine, although with a reminder on her forehead of what a hero this little dog is.


The story of Toby is one that really tugs on the strings of your heart. In early October it was reported on television and the internet that some neighbors heard a commotion and found someone trying to drown this little dog in the bathtub. The girl that rescued him gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation, warmed him and frantically drove him to the vet where he survived this ordeal. Congratulations to Ashley and Courtney Chase and the folks at Sherman Oaks Veterinary Group ( for being the hero’s of Toby!


Hawk is an incredible black lab service dog who faithfully and happily serves his master each and every day.